Greetings from... 
Mr. Eddy Lafaille
Juvenile Justice Center
School Site Administrator

Dear Parents and Stakeholders,


Welcome to Juvenile Justice Center School (JJCS) 2022-2023!



Welcome to a thrilling year at Juvenile Justice Center School. Our staff is committed to providing equitable and effective learning opportunities that equip our students, build necessary foundations for them and enable them to adapt to a rigorous curriculum. “We Care” is our motto and also our belief that aligns our JJCS model with the Miami Dade County Public Schools Curriculum. 

Our mission is to provide high quality education in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that builds foundations of learning beyond the detention experience towards building improved self-discipline, positive personal growth and life-long learning. We hope to immerse our staff and stakeholders into empowering our at-risk youth for embracing and assuming accountability for their learning, positively actualizing their efforts and developing and implementing healthier attitudes regarding their emotional, physical and social well-being. 

Once again, welcome to an exciting 2022-2023 year! Where we aim to be"Purpose Driven. Student Centered. Teacher Led!"