Greetings from... 

Mrs. Latonya N. Shackelford

Juvenile Justice Center

School Site Administrator

Dear Parents and Stakeholders,


Welcome to Juvenile Justice Center School (JJCS) 2018- 2019!   Our commitment to JJCS is to provide an equitable and effective learning environment for all our students daily.  Each educational opportunity will be embraced with utilizing meta-cognition strategies, infusing critical thinking skills, analyzing to problem solve, creating inspiring learners, implementing hands-on application and integrating technology! These learning attributes build the foundation in our students we serve to enable and allow our instructional staff to provide a rigorous curriculum as other Miami Dade County public schools!

“We Care” is our motto, which is also our belief aligning the JJCS Curriculum.  We believe in sustaining a student's academic accountability for transition  to career and technical, traditional, and other educational opportunities which will lead them to become productive citizens from our educational impact.


    On behalf of JJCS' faculty and staff,  we accept the challenges our students may enter through this transitional cycle of their lives.  However, it is with great determination lives will be changed and reformed upon departure through our professional guidance.    We as a staff, also pledge to build academic and socio-emotional skills to create individualized students with intrinsic self -worth.  

  In closing, we look forward to working with the district, state, and community to align in one mission:   “Transition these students back to society”, so they too can be a part of the “American Dream”!